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  • Healphi

    October 2018 Young company specialized in the deployment and logistics of telemedicine solutions. It offers teleconsultation solutions to populations of medical deserts.. www.healphi.fr

  • Medene

    November 2018 Medene, expert in custom-made aromatherapy, is a brand new brand of essential and vegetable oil compositions. www.medene.fr

  • Skinosive

    December 2018 Nanosive is a BioMedTech company created by Truffle Capital. It is based on a technology based on an innovative process of encapsulation of active ingredients in polymers that exhibit remarkable adhesive properties.. truffle.com/nanosive-2/

  • Calysens

    January 2019 Calysens aims to fight effectively against skin aging, via a new range of cosmetics. www.calysens.com



  • Abyssea

    March 2019 Abyssea is a range of innovative nutri-cosmetic products based on 100% natural PREMIUM algae that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and promote cell regeneration.

  • MFM

    June 2019 1st research platform for continuing education for health professionals.

  • Le Rouge Français

    Novembre 2019 La Maison LE ROUGE FRANCAIS is a specialist in lipstick. It is an ode to femininity and the powers of nature. The formulas are developed in France with vegan, organic, patented and certified products. www.lerougefrancais.com

  • Ma Blouse Blanche

    May 2020 mablouseblanche.fr is a platform for making medical appointments online. www.mablouseblanche.fr

  • Bocoloco

    June 2020 –  Bocoloco is the first zero waste connected store. With their online sales site, their mobile application and connected jars, the startup wants to make easy and accessible better consumption for our health and our planet, in food, cosmetics and household products. www.bocoloco.fr

  • PaperCosmetics

    January 2021 – Paper Cosmetics is the hip Los Angeles based  sustainable Deodorant brand that leads the charge to clean up your bathroom. Developed over two years, each deodorant is made from all natural, safe and clean ingredients in eco-friendly paper packing. papercosmetics.com


  • Melifera

    February 2021 – Melifera takes you on a quest to find meaning, one that will elicit all your senses along the way. This premium gin, made artisanally in a way that respects and enhances the local ecosystem, represents our strong commitment to nature. melifera.fr

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  • « A human financial partner more than an investment fund. »
    Jean-Sébastien GRAS

  • « Good coaching, advice, network, a nice acceleration! »
    Dr Stéphanie Pierre

  • « Sharing tips, regular exchanges to grow faster »
    Tarik Mouamenia

  • « The team "O" brings us expertise in several areas: Marketing, finance and communication. »
    Camille Perreira

  • « We are excited and humbled to become partners with such a strong investment team. It means a lot that OBRATORI believe in us and the future of the brand. »
    Daniel Roescheisen

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