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It is in Marseille, in a majestic art-deco building, that Obratori has thought of everything for your well-being at work.

Do you want to work in a calm environment or, on the contrary, to exchange and cooperate in a place that encourages encounters?

Our coworking space is designed to allow you to work in complete serenity, while offering you the opportunity to give free rein to your creativity, and also to expand your network.

Let’s have a look at…

Our large 950m² coworking space in the business district of Marseille. Discover our open space and our multi-station offices, our meeting rooms, labs and all the facilities of a connected coworking space.

Interested? Want to plan a visit?

Open Space

In the heart of Marseille in the EuroMed district, come and work in a beautiful fully renovated art deco building. Have a workstation in a large coworking open space in the city center of Marseille. You have access to all the services and events organized.

Private Offices


Pre-equipped offices for 4 to 8 people with all the necessary comfort to evolve in the best conditions.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms can accommodate from 2 to 18 people and tick all the boxes to perfectly meet your needs and desires.

The Creative Room 

Here, ideas have free rein! Being invited to a session in the Creative Room is the promise of unlimited brainstorming, where even the walls become writing materials, to bring out the craziest ideas.

The Labs

30m2+ of clean rooms and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment available to design, test, analyze and experiment with the innovations of tomorrow.

The Place’s Heart

The kitchen is the central space where, around a coffee or a lunch, everything happens: exchanges of good plans between us, feedback and sharing of experiences…

The Rooftop

And, icing on the cake! For your private events or simply to take a break, go to our rooftop!

In short, Obratori is

The reference early-stage CVC fund .

The ideal partner for giving value to your entrepreneurial project.

A goodliving and inspiring coworking space.