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French make-up brand Eclo debuts with biosourced packaging

le 27 September 2022

A new entrant to the beauty market, Eclo launched this spring with color cosmetics packaged in biosourced jars. A foundation line is slated to launch in November.

Article: KATIE NICHOL | LUXE PACKAGING INSIGHT | published on Sept. 27th, 2022

In line with its “committed to the skin and the planet” philosophy, new French make-up player Eclo opted for “zero-waste”, biosourced packaging for its natural make-up formulas. The brand’s lipstick, blush and eye shadow are housed in biodegradable and industrially compostable jars (Quadpack) made of Sulapac with bespoke-colored lids. They come in boxes (Mizenboîte) made using Favini’s Crush Corn paper.

When it comes to its formulas, Eclo is looking to go beyond clean beauty thanks to its focus on regenerative agriculture. The brand works with French association Pour une agriculture du vivant, which aims to shake up cosmetics supply chains and promote local regenerative farming methods. Eclo’s semi-solid make-up products contain brown algae, rye and hemp, all sourced in France, according to the brand. The lipstick, blush and eye shadow each retail for €32.

This November, Eclo will launch a foundation range.

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