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Introducing The Everything Stick by PĀPR Cosmetics

le 15 February 2022

Giving new meaning to the term “multi-purpose”, The Everything Stick by PĀPR Cosmetics literally has you covered. A magic superweapon for eyes, face, lips and hands, it delivers a targeted dose of antioxidant-rich natural oils and other potent nourishing ingredients to the body parts that need it most. No matter where you are or what you’re up to – skiing a Black Diamond, lounging on a tropical beach or working hard in a hydration-depleting office environment – The Everything Stick restores your skin to its optimal moisturized state.

With The Everything Stick, the outsides are just as important as the insides. Underscoring PĀPR Cosmetics’ commitment to planet-friendly beauty, it’s housed in planet-first, post-consumer recycled paper packaging. When finished with a tube, you have multiple disposal options: cut it into pieces; pop the tube into the home compost; bury it in the soil or a plant pot; or just toss it in the blue recycling bin. That’s the eco-friendly peace of mind that comes with purchasing a product that’s recyclable, and 100% home compostable and biodegradable.

Let’s zero-in the hero ingredients in The Everything Stick:
  • Vitamin EYour skin’s regenerator…stimulates cell regeneration, quickly bringing healthy-looking new skin to the surface
  • Rosehip OilYour skin’s age-defier…fights wrinkles, reduces inflammation and guards against sun damage, all while stimulating collagen production
  • Cacao ButterYour skin’s hydrator…functions like a deep moisturizing infusion, boosting elasticity and blood flow
  • Candelilla WaxYour skin’s armor…creates a silky, protective barrier that locks in moisture and blocks out harsh environmental elements like pollutants and UV light
  • Olive OilYour skin’s mega multitasker…reduces water loss, repairs damaged tissue and nourishes even the most sensitive skin
  • Jojoba OilYour skin’s healer…soothes and calms, counteracting redness and irritation and creating surface smoothness
  • Shea ButterYour skin’s mightiest moisturizer…acts fast to plump parched skin, while assisting in wound-healing and reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles
  • Marula OilYour skin’s acne-fighter…combats blemish-generating bacteria and keeps skin hydrated, soft and moisturized

And did we mention the “jasmine flower meets palmarosa oil” scent?  Not only is it addictive, it’s also hardworking. Jasmine flower extract, a light, enchanting floral, also has anti-bacterial and hydration powers. And the palmarosa oil, infused with a subtle citrus scent, is an ancient medicinal remedy used to stimulate skin regeneration while combating acne by preventing the overproduction of sebum. 

Availability: PĀPR Cosmetics The Everything Stick, $36, is available at Papercosmetics.com beginning February 2022.